Substantial Return

Services & Solutions

Unique and flexible strategies

Whatever your role: CFO, Business Office Manager, or Collections Manager, you face critical account receivables issues. Since 1950, Fox Collection Center has been partnering with clients to evaluate their AR protocol and offer the bestsuperior full-service, custom solutions to maximize recovery and meet their financial goals.

Bad Debt Collections

Fox is a full-service collection agency providing professional service from the initial contact letter and call to the final resolution.

  • Unprecedented recovery rate– well above the national average
  • High staff retention rate – Our collectors average 15 years’ experience and have a solid understanding of medical claims terminology and other industry-specific details.
  • On-staff trainers – regularly teach and certify our collectors.
  • Small and large balance account flow.
  • Scoring – Evaluates and prioritizes your collections to provide a higher return.

Extended Business Office

Assisting with your in-house efforts.

  • Early Outsourcing/ Pre-Collection Services – Cost effective approach that gets results, andmaintains goodwill.
  • Call Campaigns/Automated Messaging – Reduces backlog and decreases overhead by making the calls for you.
  • Insurance Follow-up – Whether for primary or secondary claims, Fox will review and pursue each account. If we come across a claim that you have had denied, we will assist you in finishing the claim process.

Credit Bureau Reporting & Skip-Tracing

Fox utilizes all four credit bureaus for reporting.

  • Reporting to Equifax, Experian, Innovis and TransUnion – affects credit rating.
  • Skip-tracing – Fox utilizes LexisNexis and every conceivable avenue to locate and verify consumer information.

Litigation Services

As necessary, and with client approval, Fox will enforce collection though the legal process, including:

  • Garnishments
  • Judgments
  • Levies


Customized reporting – the content you want, when you want it and how you want it.

FOX provides the following monthly reports:

  • Acknowledgement Report–This report acknowledges all accounts placed.
  • Trust Remittance–This report indicates monies collected by name, debtor, account number, commission rate, amount paid and amount due.
  • 5 Year Actuary Report & 5 Year Activity Analysis–This statistical report will provide a complete performance analysis and review of month-to-month placements and collection activity.
  • Customizable Reports–based on your unique requirements.


Our rates are contingency-based and evaluated on volume, age, and average balance. Rate is a part of the equation, but recoveries do far more to affect your net returns. Our rates have always been competitive and fair, but we do not attribute our success to just low rates. Please contact us for a personalized rate quote.