Utmost Respect

Quality Assurance


When you trust us with your accounts receivable we never forget that you are also trusting us with your customers. The obligation to treat these most valuable assets of yours in a professional and ethical manner is one we never forget. Our savvy recovery specialists are specifically trained to get results without alienating or distressing the customers that keep you in business. That’s why treating every customer with unvarying respect is our first order of business at FOX.


Fox employs the latest technologies available for secure and strategic collections – protecting you and your client while increasing efficiency and recovery.

  • 24/7 dynamic security system
  • Hardware encrypted tunnel
  • VOIP
  • Interactive voice response (IVR)
  • Call recording and monitoring
  • Unattended voice messaging
  • Automated voice messaging
  • Secure web site
  • Secured account placement system
  • Redundant off-site backup
  • Scoring of accounts to ensure efficient collection.

Fox understands though experience that technology and standard collection procedures can only do so much. It’s our personal touch that makes for better results.


Fox understands that “cash flow” is an important element of your business; so also is your reputation in the community. The depth and integrity of our experience helps design for you a collection strategy that maintains goodwill while obtaining a positive resolution to your accounts.
  • Attorney-approved letters
  • FDCPA/HIPAA compliant
  • Trained staff
  • Quality assurance audits
  • Licensed and bonded
  • Red Flags Policy – identity theft protection program
  • Certified collectors on staff

Continuing Education

FOX prides itself with its ability to continually train and improve its staff members. We have a floor manager that constantly monitors and aids in the resolution of debtor questions or disputes. This allows on the floor training as it happens to the collectors. We also hold a weekly Managers meeting and a weekly collectors meeting to ensure that everyone is aware of all of the current laws, regulations, changes or general activities in the office. This has allowed for better communications and efficiency among the team members.

We also undergo FDCPA trainings as well as other updates in policies within the industry. Recent trainings were held regarding PCI compliance and FACTA rules.

Floor manager has 25 years experience as a collector and she trains daily as well as working with new hire to ensure compliance with all laws. Outside Collection Consultants come to bring fresh collection ideas to our floor to help achieve better results for our clients and to help work with our debtors in a more efficient manner.

FOX has two (2) Licensed Collection managers on staff. The state of Tennessee requires that all agencies have a minimum of one.