Superior Results

About Fox Collection Center


FOX Collection Center was founded in 1950 in Nashville, Tennessee. The guiding philosophy then was to provide clients with a professional debt recovery service that would also maintain goodwill.

Since 1950, we have grown in size and experience. Today, we provide many more services in more locations while honoring
our commitment to provide our clients with the levels of service, respect and results upon which our company was founded.

In 2011, FOX Collection Center acquired AR Solutions, a collection agency located in Jackson, Tennessee. With that regional acquisition, FOX is progressively committed to better serve our customers and clients in that area.

When our clients tell us that our business relationship is like an extension of their own office, we hear more than just a great compliment to our team. We also take it as validation of our goal of providing innovative solutions and superior results in an ever-changing economic environment.

We want to be the kind of company we’d like to do business with.”


Proud Member and Active Participant in:

  • ACA International
  • Medical Group Manager’s Association—local and state chapters
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Cumberland Pediatric Foundation
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Credit Bureaus
  • Tennessee Collectors Association